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FT245-EP1C6 [FPGA Evaluation board]
 FT245-EP1C6 is an evaluation board that uses an Altera’s Cyclone series FPGA and anFTDI’s USB controller. FT245-EP1C6 is accompanied with a USB device driver, a control program and an FPGA sample circuit written in Verilog. FT245-EP1C6 enables designers to build PC friendly systems rapidly.
I/O banks are driven with 3.3V or 2.5V that the designer defines (the bank 1 and 2 are 3.3V only).LVDS super speed communications are
available via an RJ45 connector. Since FT245-EPC has two banks of 512K SRAM, the FPGA may access one of the memories while the host PC is accessing theother.
ConDuLan [H8CPU board with LAN controller for embedded systems]

ConDuLan is a CPU board including an H8-3069/25MHzmicroprocessor and an RTL8019AS LAN controller. It has been developed especially for building an embedded Web server system. The board provides 40 IO signals* for external connections so that remote monitoring and controlling are enabled with typical Web servers such as IE, Mozilla or FireFox. Customers may develop and add peripheral boards to ConDuLan for building their own products.

*Front Panel is Option